Direct Cremation

Simple, no frills cremation.
24 Hour Collection
Delivery of Ashes
Doctors Fees included
Cremation Fees included
Nationwide Collection
Suitable Coffin

Made famous by David Bowie the Direct Cremation plan is a cremation without a service which means there is no attendance at the crematorium, friends and family can use the opportunity to celebrate the life of the deceased in their own way.

The cremated remains of the deceased can be scattered in the gardens of remembrance (at the crematorium) or returned to a family member by private driver.

This all-inclusive plan includes a 24-hour service to collect the deceased anywhere in the UK (mainland) and includes payment of the cremation fees and government charge for medical certification (when applicable).

Your Payment Options
Plan Price - £1,450
You can pay for your plan in 1 payment or monthly
What is included?
Unattended cremation
Funeral professional services and fees
Advice on certification and registration
Family support and guidance
24 hour collection of the deceased
Preparation and care of the deceased prior to the Cremation
Suitable coffin
Organising the Cremation
All staff required to conduct the cremation
Conveyance of the coffin
Crematorium is allocated by Plan with Grace
Cremation fees
Return of Cremated Remains within 28 days to the family or scattered in the Gardens of Remembrance
Doctor's Fees
What is excluded?
Any additional items chosen by you or by deceased's family
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Below compares the price of your funeral plan ( the pre-paid price) compared to what you would pay should the funeral be arranged today for a deceased person who does not have a funeral plan ( today's price)

Pre-Paid Price
Today’s Price
Fixed Price
Doctors Fees included
24 Hour Collection
Funeral Director fees and services
Cremation Fees included
Return of cremated remains
Pre-Paid Price Structure
Wholesale Price
Administration Fee
What does this mean?

When you purchase a funeral for a person today that does not have a pre-paid funeral plan the funeral director will include their administration costs in their fees.

When you purchase a funeral plan we separate the administration amount from the total cost for your information.