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Plan with Grace is a funeral plan provider, to help you create the funeral plan that best suits your requirements select one of the two options below.


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There are many reasons why people want to purchase a funeral plan, but the success of any funeral plan is dependent on what services are included in the plan and the funeral director who ultimately will be looking after your family in the future.

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Other charges

A contribution towards Third party costs or 'disbursements', can be included in your plan - These fees will be required to enable the chosen funeral to go ahead.

Third party costs

Disbursements are the third party costs which have to be paid to enable the funeral to take place. These costs vary in different areas of the country and are out of the chosen Funeral Directors control.

In most instances the necessary Disbursements are:

  • Crematorium or Cemetery fee
  • Doctors fee for cremation
  • Minister or Church fee
  • Burial/Interment fee


Plans can include a contribution intended to cover most, if not all disbursement costs. You can find details of the required contributions during the configuration of your funeral plan.

The amount included in the plan towards the disbursements is increased each year in line with the Retail Prices Index but, because the third party charges are not within our direct control, we cannot guarantee that they will be 100% covered by the contributions. You can choose NOT to make an allowance towards disbursements, but these will then need to be paid at the time of the funeral by either your estate or relatives.

How it works

Plan with Grace provides the platform from which to develop/build the funeral plan to meet your exact requirements and allows complete flexibility to be in control of your funeral plan, both now and in the future.

Begin by selecting the Essential Plan and build in the services that you would like to include within the plan. All prices are provided by local independent Funeral Directors, so you can be assured that the price of the Funeral Plan you develop reflects the true cost of a Funeral in your area.

Once a plan is purchased, the money is held securely in the Plan with Grace Funeral Payment Trust, until such a time it is required to pay for the funeral and every customer will receive their own unique login to be able to amend, alter and update their funeral Plan should their circumstances/requirements change.

About us

Plan with Grace is a funeral plan provider that enables you to deal with a local funeral director or a direct cremation specialist. Our team of investment managers and custodian trustee have been specially selected for their track record, integrity, and transparent approach to charges and financial reporting.

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