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Purchasing a Direct Cremation Plan through Plan with Grace ensures that your loved ones won’t be burdened with the expense and stress of making funeral arrangements in the days after you’ve passed away. By preparing for the future today, you’re giving them the gift of time. Time to grieve their loss, and to celebrate your life. Our comprehensive Direct Cremation Plan can be purchased as a single payment, or via affordable monthly contributions. Let’s get started…

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What’s not included?

When a Direct Cremation is chosen the deceased is collected and taken directly to the funeral home, and then crematorium. After cremation the ashes are returned to the family within 21 days. An earlier return of ashes is possible, at a nominal additional cost.

While Direct Cremation offers a convenient and efficient process for grieving family, it’s important to note that Direct Cremation comes without many of the elements associated with a more traditional funeral.   

Direct Cremation does not allow for viewing of the deceased, or for a formal funeral procession and hearse en route to the crematorium. There is no religious service or memorial prior to cremation, and a minister or celebrant is not in attendance prior to or during the cremation.

A Direct Cremation funeral plan also does not allow for floral tributes, or for charitable donations to be collected and administered on behalf of the deceased.

Is Direct Cremation right for me?

Direct Cremation offers a ‘hassle-free’ approach to dealing with the death of a loved one, without the formality – and expense – of a traditional funeral. Direct Cremation is an excellent choice for those who favour a ‘fuss-free’ approach to planning their own passing. It spares the bereaved family the inconvenience and administration – not to mention financial burden – of arranging a complicated funeral in the midst of mourning.

After the timely cremation of the deceased, grieving family and friends are free to arrange a memorial service in their own time, and with greater flexibility in terms of venue and duration, without the pressure of keeping to the strict time limits of a pre-booked crematorium service.

Memorials are often held in conjunction with interment or scattering of the ashes, offering the chance for family and friends – of all ages ­– to attend at a convenient time and place.

Direct Cremation is also a preferred option if the deceased wishes to have their ashes interred or scattered beyond the borders of Great Britain. 

It’s important to remember that direct cremation does not allow for attendees. If you would prefer to plan for a service that can be attended by friends and family, please visit our FAQ pages, or contact us directly.

How it works

Plan with Grace is an online platform that will help you create a funeral plan that meets your needs, fulfils your last wishes, and fits within your budget.

Once the plan is purchased, all funds are held securely in the Plan with Grace Funeral Payment Trust, until such time it is required to pay for the Direct Cremation. Every customer receives their own unique login to be able to amend, alter and update their Direct Cremation Plan should their circumstances change.

About us

Plan with Grace is a funeral plan provider that enables you to deal with a local funeral director or a direct cremation specialist. Our team of investment managers and custodian trustee have been specially selected for their track record, integrity, and transparent approach to charges and financial reporting.

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